Bow Icon White Dragonhead Harp I (MHFU)
2ndGen-Bow Render 037 Attack 156 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Water (240)
Affinity 30% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Shot Levels and Types Scatter Lv3
Rapid Lv2
Rapid Lv1
Pierce Lv3
Wyverian Harp (1)
Plesioth Scale+ (4)
Grn Plesioth Scl+ (4)
Novacrystal (2)
Coatings ItemIcon040eItemIcon040ItemIcon040b
Slots OOO
Bonus Defense+10
Rarity ItemIcon042e (8)
Description A harp that affords divine protection. Used by Wyverian minstrels for protection.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Bow Icon White Dragonhead Harp I >> Upgraded Into
None Dragonhead Harp II
Bow Weapon Tree


  • The Dragon Head Harp does very little physical damage and should only be used against monsters with a weakness to water.
  • Unlike the most weapons of its type, charging up this bow is a mistake, as you get even weaker shots than before. It is better to spam its LVL1 charge attack because the main damage of this weapon is dealt through the very high water element. However, because the LVL1 only does 40% of its raw damage and 50% of its elemental damage on the first charge, it is a good idea to use the LVL2 charge especially when you are trying to break a part.
  • If you have Capacity up on your armor, you can use the LVL4 charge too, as now you get the better Pierce LV3 shot. This way you can use this weapon to defeat nearly any enemy weak to water, while against anything else this bow is fairly useless.
  • Another of its benefit are the three slots and the 30% affinity, which is not as good as it seems, because affinity only boosts raw power, and this weapon hasn't that much of it.

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