The AncientFatalisBuster is a Hammer type weapon.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite編集

Hammer-Icon AncientFatalisBuster / (?) (MHFU)
Weapon233 Attack 988 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Dragon, 350 N/A 100,000z
Affinity 0% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness TredToraByelMgreTblu N/A Wht Fatalis Horn (5)
Wht Fatalis Shl (3)
Lao-Shan's Ruby (3)
Slots ---
Bonus Defense +8
Rarity 8
Description Giant white Hammer embodying the tremendous power of a Fatalis' ancestor.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Hammer-Icon AncientFatalisBuster >> Upgraded Into
Black Hammer AncientFatalisRuiner
MHF2 and MHFU: Hammer and Hunting Horn Tree


  • A HR6 Hammer made of High-Ranked White Fatalis and Ashen Lao-Shan Lung materials. Pretty hard to create due to it requiring White Fatalis materials as well as 3 Lao-Shan's Rubies. This Hammer will take a while to get so it's highly recommended to be patient when farming materials for this Hammer.
  • It has a good amount of Raw power for a High-Ranked Hammer and has great Elemental power as well. It is rivaled by the Dragon Demolisher, which has slightly less Raw but also slightly more Elemental power. Out of the two this Hammer is better suited for fighting monsters weak to Dragon in general; the Dragon Demolisher is more fit for fighting Fatalis, but remains a good general-purpose dragon slayer weapon nonetheless.
  • Don't hesitate to go for this Hammer, it is hard to get but it is surely worth the effort, not to mention it can even be upgraded in MHFU.



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